As President Obama joins his family for some quality time together during a week-long vacation at the exclusive Blue Heron Farms, many are suggesting that the $50,000 per week rental (paid for personally by the President) sends the wrong message. Critics contend that with the unemployment rate approaching 10% nationally, such extravagance proves that the President is not able to identify with the “common” man.

Here at Liberty’s Army we feel that such criticism is not only unwarranted, but also unwise. We feel the financial burden of the vacation should be borne entirely by the taxpayer and that, indeed, considering all he’s been through to this point, that the week-long vacation should be extended to last 186.48 weeks!

Do the math:

“. . . an administration official told Reuters the 10-year budget deficit projection will jump by about $2 trillion to roughly $9 trillion from an original forecast of $7.1 trillion.”  Think of that – – – only six months of Mr. Obama’s irresponsible, sophomoric, socialistic, rookie fiscal blunders, costs $9+ trillion!

Cost of 3-year 4-month (balance of the President’s first and only term – 186.48 weeks) rental of Blue Herron Farms: $9+ million.

Benefit to the nation to have him kick back, put his feet up, light up a Camel and enjoy his family, forgetting about Presidential duties: PRICELESS!

So, pu-l-eeeze. Mr. President – – – Relax! This Bud’s on us!!!