Big Government

Yes, we have the finest healthcare in the world but there is plenty of work to do to make it fair and affordable.

Start with Medicare for example:

  • Medicare is fixated on price instead of cost.  Don’t underestimate the damage caused by this insidious short sightedness.
  • Competition is not just discouraged it is outlawed!
  • The best and worst, the most efficient and the biggest wasters all get paid the same.

Pressing needs include:

  • Insurance reform
  • Tort reform
  • Universal Electronic Medical Record
  • Fair treatment for the working poor who are not eligible for Medicaid but cant afford private insurance.

Please consider our diagnosis and prescription for preserving the good in our system and fixing only that which is broken:

Patient Centered, Free Enterprise Health Care Reform

The video below illustrates some of the lunacy of our present healthcare system and has a little fun doing so.  What if air travel (that paragon of efficiency) worked like our health care system?  Hmmmmm…

I am having a very difficult time understanding many of my “fellow Americans”.

I look around me and see the “American Way” quickly becoming something I am less than proud of.   I see that corruption in our federal government has risen to extreme levels that I never thought possible.

Radicals, socialists, communists, crooks, thugs and automatons pervade the highest levels of our government.

I see a huge power shift from the people to our corrupt government.

I see Black Panther bullies given a pass for outlandish intimidation of voters at a polling place.  By the way, my concern has NOTHING to do with race, it has only to do with America and our law.  I wonder how Mr. Holder would have handled guys in white sheets intimidating black voters in Mississippi?  (I would hope he would stow them under the jail as he should have done with the Panthers. Now I have insulted both the panthers and the clan.)

I see a health care law enacted that creates many more problems than it solves and a US Army unit training in Georgia to handle “domestic unrest” with in our own borders.

I see terrorists being called ill instead of hateful and Americans who cherish traditional American values being ridiculed and mocked.

I see presidential promises broken with a wink instead of an apology (and America winks back).

Speaking of apologies, I see POTUS apologizing to the world for everything that is good in America.

I see our government trashing our relationships with our closest allies and sucking up to those who hate us.

I see our economy being trashed and our children’s future being squandered.

I see what has been a worthless media, rising up and becoming a malignant force that seems to be bent on our destruction.

And our congress! when did it become the enemy of America?

I feel like Rip Van Winkle!

It seems that bad has become the new good and good has become outdated, uncool, and stupid. (Props to Isaiah the Hebrew prophet for warning us this would happen)

The point is, I see these things and think: Germany, circa 1936, Argentina, circa 1955 (or North Korea, circa today).  Whereas, millions of my fellow citizens, see a great new hero who is leading America to its glorious destiny.

And, when I try to talk to one of these citizens who refer to themselves by the euphemism “progressives”,  I begin to see how much trouble we are really in.  Trying to talk to these “progressives” about our founders and the constitution or freedom and its price, is worse than trying to talk to a fence post.  At least the fence post can generally be counted upon to be free from body odor and refrain from spitting on you or clubbing you to death with nonsensical sound bites and mantras.

It is more like trying to teach a pig to fly.  It is a complete waste of time and it annoys the pig.

In reading this, you may conclude that I hate Mr. Obama, but that is not the case.  I hate what he is doing to the America i grew up in.  The one that was created and preserved by the blood and sacrifice of my ancestors.  The one that I have served and struggled to pass on to my posterity.

But I do not hate Barack Obama.

I believe he is simply being himself and doing what he sincerely thinks is best for himself and those he cares about.  There are no surprises with Mr. Obama.  He is exactly what he seemed to be before he was elected and he is behaving exactly as he told us he would (for example: why should he prove he is ineligible for this great job when he can get a pass and keep feeding at the trough?).

When he reminded Republican law-makers that “Elections have consequences” shortly after his inauguration, he was simply setting the tone for his presidency.  He brought his friends and associates with him to Washington just as Jimmy Carter (the last president whose stupidity we almost didn’t survive) did.  It just so happens that rather than being a bunch of “crackers” (and I mean that in the kindest possible way.  Some of my best friends are from Georgia) Obama’s cronies are a bunch of thugs, crooks and radicals (ooops, now I have insulted Chicago).

I don’t hate Barak, I just want the USA to survive him and get back on track.

And I should say this:

Our country has been off track since long before Mr. Obama bounded onto our stage.  In fact, we have been the proverbial “frogs in a pot” for decades.

We have been steadily pursuing a slide down the slippery slope we started in 1962 when prayer was first banned in schools.  This slide was certainly accelerated in the decade beginning in 1965 during which we sacrificed 50,000 American lives in a futile war in Vietnam for which we had no clearly defined objective and no commitment to “win” (whatever that meant to the politicians), then again in 1973 when Roe v. Wade paved the way for the legal slaughter of over 50,000,000 unborn babies so far.

I thought the slide was over when Ronald Reagan was Elected in 1980.  Unfortunately, that merely just a pleasant delay, but it made me feel optimistic about our country again after the Carter fiasco…er… administration.

When you think about it, If the Obama regime serves as a wake up call to a sleeping American populace (who have been enjoying the warming water in the pot for at least five decades) before we actually boil to death, Mr. Obama could be the best thing that has happened to America in fifty years!

Let’s Kick That Dog!

by Doug on May 28, 2010

in News

What is important here is to make sure this dog knows it at fault and has done wrong.  In fact, let’s allow the damages to pile up to where there cannot be adequate recompense.  The people of the state of Louisiana did not suffer enough economically or emotionally with Katrina.  Let’s watch as their suffering multiplies and the damage to the state and its citizens becomes permanent. (OK, I realize that sarcasm is the lowest form of humor but sometimes I can’t help myself…)  The Bush administration appeared to have this attitude regarding Katrina and it cost them dearly (as it should have).  That is certainly when my confidence waned.  Are we witnessing a repeat of history?

BP is a huge company with tremendous resources at its command. It is a citizen of the world and has a long established track record of operating responsibly around the globe. But that is NOT the point. The US cannot rely on BP or any company of any size or of any nationality to protect our shores. No company anywhere in the world has resources that can even be compared to those of the US government.

It is the responsibility of our government to protect our homeland from all hazards. Federal government responsibility begins with reasonable regulation and inspection of operations that pose a potential hazard and extends to taking charge when a threat materializes, employing the virtually unending resources “We The People” provide to the government for our protection and the protection of our homeland. Why is this so difficult for Mr Obama and his administration to see? Evidently he views these resources as his personal playground to enrich his personal causes and reward those who are the source of his power. Our government has NEVER been so riddled with corruption, waste and political pork as it currently is.

This unprecedented oil spill disaster called for fast, decisive and effective action.  First fix the problem, then fix the blame.  The US Government should have assumed command when things first went awry in the Gulf of Mexico and employed all of its resources to end this disaster post haste and mitigate the damages it has inflicted on our land and people.   Then, present BP with the bill as deemed appropriate.

Instead our government sits back with is self righteous arms folded, scolding BP and pointing fingers to shift the blame then relies on a mere corporation to do the job for which the federal government was created by “We The People”.  Instead of contributing to the solution they have thrown bureaucratic roadblocks in the way of the sovereign state of Louisiana in their attempt to take the initiative and save their wetlands themselves. Good grief!

Now BP is demonized by the Obama administration and their puppy dog “mainstream media”. Their collective fingers point across the Atlantic trying to divert our attention from their malfeasance. We are NOT deceived. BP has behaved responsibly and its stockholders have paid a dear price for this tragedy. The enterprise value of the company has declined $70 Billion since the accident! Obama spills that much of our money on the ground as he fills the tanks of his fan club each week.

Don’t want this “crisis to go to waste”
The Obama administration is suspending proposed exploratory drilling in the Arctic Ocean

McCarthy: Obama hasn’t returned call of lawmaker representing district of rig

Obama’s School Safety Czar Kevin Jennings: “Kids are being aggressively recruited to become heterosexual in this country.”

White House Laughs at and Dodges Questions About Obama Appointed School Safety Czar Kevin Jennings

Yep, Vaughn was exhausted, but we had set the date with Glenn Beck in March and even having nearly crossed the country twice in a day already wasn’t going to stop us now! He emptied his luggage and threw in some clean clothes being careful not to forget the Patrick Henry shirt given to him at a town hall meeting we had attended. I never really know how to prepare for trips where we fly stand-by. It could just be a trip to the airport and back, but this time we felt unusually assured that things would work out. With everything all set and grandma here, we said our prayers with the kids and confidently headed into the eye of the gathering storm.

We arrived the morning of 9/11. We picked up our rental car and drove to the hotel. It was raining and I was worried because the weather station had predicted heavy rain for the following day. We made our way thru the gloomy weather and after checking in exceptionally early (6am) without any problems (our original plan had us arriving at usual check in time) we gratefully threw ourselves on the bed and slept.

After recovering (we had to fly from Salt Lake City to California and THEN to D.C.) we decided to head in to see the sights before the big day. The rain had stopped, but it was still overcast reminding us of the solemnity of the day. Thankfully it is always exciting to pull in and drive down Constitution Avenue and see all those historic buildings, monuments and memorials. It brightens the mood to think of all the wonderful people who came here and sacrificed so much to start something so great. After finally figuring out where to park we got out to do some bi-pedal touring. It was a peaceful day and it surprised us how quiet the streets were. It was lovely to visit and we especially enjoyed the WW II monument, reading every engraved quote. But as day turned to evening we began to worry that the turn-out tomorrow would be minuscule. Finally I spotted a bold red “Tea Party Patriot” t-shirt crossing the street towards us! Immediate joy! Anxiously I asked her if she was here for the rally tomorrow and that’s all that was needed to become new best friends. She and her son had come from California a week ago and had participated in several gatherings already. We walked and talked for almost an hour and she gave experienced information about how to ride the metro in the next morning. We said good-bye and promised we’d find each other the next day. Walking back to the car we spotted two other small groups with identifying markers(Freedom Works cap and patriotic shirts) and talked to them about where they had come from and what had brought them the distance to participate. Exchanging concerns we again made more friends from strangers. Funny how comforting it is to find others who are as deeply concerned as you are.


That night I could hardly sleep. Gratefully the alarm noted it was time to get out of bed. We got ready quickly, grabbed a fast-food breakfast, we made our way to the metro. Parking there turned out to be frustrating. Again we saw some “ralliers”, this time the marker was their hand-made signs. We called to them and they said they were just heading into I-HOP for breakfast. Maybe we could beat the crowd and take the car all the way in! Dare we? Well, we are dangerous right-wing extremists! As we drove in we tensed a bit as the streets were already lined with cars and buses. Miraculously a moment later we saw a spot and pulled in! It was 4 hour parking, but we didn’t care! Go ahead, ticket us! We are on a role of rogue behavior! Anyway, we were less worried about a parking ticket then the thought of increased taxes. Had we known how overwhelmed the police would be that day, we wouldn’t have given it another thought!


As we got out and our attention wasn’t on parking anymore, we began to really notice large groups assembling. We started following the crowd to Freedom Plaza. It was already making me very emotional to see the crowds filing in. Clapping my hands and jumping up and down like a teenager, I said to Vaughn hopefully, “I think this is going to be big!” I had no idea! We got as close to the stage as possible where a program of speakers and patriotic music was beginning. We climbed up on a ledge to get a look at the crowd and were fortunate enough to stay there the next hour or two as we watched the crowd multiply. It was thrilling beyond description to behold. I couldn’t believe the difference a night made! Where were all these people yesterday?


Finally it was decided that the march would have to begin early because the crowd had reached “critical mass”. I wanted to stay up on the ledge to see the parade begin. With music pouring from the speakers, I watched as a sea of flags and banners from this massive assembly of patriots rolled down Pennsylvania Avenue. I have never witnessed anything so grand! I was awestruck! It wasn’t a noisy crowd either. In fact, even though people were smiling and talking and laughing, it seemed to have the feeling of reverence. Vaughn felt he had stepped into the scene in from “The Ten Commandments” when the Israelites were leaving Egypt! He was anxious to belong to that family, so we jumped down and began making our way along side our conservative brothers and sisters. We laugh now because at the time we thought we were somewhere near the middle to end of the parade. We were NO WHERE NEAR the end, or even the middle! Vaughn looked like a freedom super hero as he wore like a cape his large “Don’t Tread On Me” flag given to us by our fabulous neighbor. As we walked we noticed people streaming in from all the side streets too and the crowd began to grow and grow and grow.


As we approached the Capital Building, capital police began directing us to the side yards on the right or left of the capital steps. We turned and made our way up on the grassy hill. I was hoping to be near a tree so we could sit and lean up against it as we had already been on our feet several hours. Even though the area was already covered with astroturf, you know grandmas and stuff, Vaughn was able to find a small spot near a tree and we parked there. Inspiring messages could be heard through large speakers. Anthem singing brought tears and cheers. We sat there for several more hours listening, learning, cheering and sharing ideas and experiences with the kind people near us. We were so grateful too that the sky had remained overcast, but it never rained as predicted. It was the perfect temperature for such a large gathering, and it didn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. Vaughn and I so totally enjoyed watching the crowd, reading the signs – laughing at the funny ones and nodding and the serious ones. Such creativity on display! We were revved up when the crowd chanted “Can you hear us now?” or “Freedom,freedom, freedom!” and “2010, 2010”. As I looked out through the trees, I was overwhelmed at the crowd that had mobilized. I really couldn’t tell where the crowd began or ended. It was obvious that this was the largest assembly I had ever been in attendance with. It was deeply moving.
At one point we decided to get up and start walking through the crowd to get a sense of its enormity. Vaughn and I were so impressed that as we walked through the maze, everyone was so polite and thoughtful with an “excuse me” or a “sorry” if there was a slight bump. One girl was laughing saying that CNN was reporting that there were “thousands” of people here. She joked, “they must just mean the line for the bathroom!” The crowd was so large that sometimes we would hear spontaneous cheering from a section afar off. That was cool! We spent the next few hours walking through the crowd, enjoying the patriotic mood from largest congregation of devoted and resolute conservatives ever assembled here. As the last speaker said her good-byes, we looked around as the crowd began their procession homeward and noticed that the area around us had been treated with respect. Later it was reported that we left virtually no trace besides trampled grass. And, it was also reported that there were no arrests. It was peaceful from beginning to end.


The numbers may never be officially revealed but those who were there can confidently proclaim that hundreds of thousand if not over a million would not be an exaggeration. We didn’t even know then all the places people were standing until we saw pictures of it days later. Vaughn and I made our way back to the car and eventually out of D.C. and back to our hotel. As we put our heads down again, we prayed in thanks for the opportunity we had had that day to be a part of something so amazing. As we nodded off, we reminisced about some of our favorite signs like, “Nancy Pelosi’s ATM machine”, “Not the party of No but the party of Hell NO!” and “My dog makes two shovel ready projects a day” or “Part of the angry mob” adjacent to a picture of a family holding hands. We fall asleep with sore feet and smiles on our faces.

We recognized that this was just the beginning and that we would still have our work cut out for us at home, but now that our batteries had been recharged, our hearts lifted, and our hope in God and country revitalized, we knew we would be able to meet the challenge. Our thanks go out to all those volunteers who made it possible and all those flagwavers who made it unforgettable!

Cass Sunstein is President Barak Obama’s radical anti-hunting, anti-gun, pro-animal rights professor of law nominee for “Regulatory Czar”. The following are Mr. Sunstein’s opinions in his own words.

2004 book Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions
“Animals should be permitted to bring suit, with human beings as their representatives…”

Cass Sunstein, Regulatory Czar currently serving under President Obama, gives his views on hunting, animal slavery & right to bear arms.

Cass Sunstein, arguing for a Fairness Doctrine for the Internet in his book, 2.0 (page 137).
“A system of limitless individual choices, with respect to communications, is not necessarily in the interest of citizenship and self-government.”

Obama Regulation Czar Advocated Removing People’s Organs Without Explicit Consent
Cass Sunstein, President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), has advocated a policy under which the government would “presume” someone has consented to having his or her organs removed for transplantation into someone else when they die unless that person has explicitly indicated that his or her organs should not be taken. Under such a policy, hospitals would harvest organs from people who never gave permission for this to be done.

Here are more quotes by Mr. Sunstein:
Cass Sunstein Quotes

Contact Your U.S. Senators

ObamaLand, The Movie

by Ray on September 9, 2009

in Liberty

The direction in which President Obama is currently pointing us is so drastically far removed from anything any of our Founding Fathers could have imagined, that we here at Liberty’s Army thought a little video contrasting the two different paths might be useful. Although we certainly hope you enjoy “ObamaLand, The Movie”, more importantly we hope it reinforces the need for activism – – No More “Mr. Nice Guy”! No More “Silent Majority”! Now is the time to make our voices be heard . . . If not now . . . when?

First let me make it perfectly clear that Mr. Jones and I disagree violently on how to run this country and how to solve the problems that face us.  Therefore, I am happy to see that he is no longer serves in an official capacity in our government.

Having said that, I must say that I respect Van Jones. He has not attempted to deceive us. He seems to have always been up-front and candid about his radical views.  He is what he has said he is and even though we disagree, this country thrives on respectful differences.

Mr. Jones is not the problem and never has been. Mr. Obama who appointed him to the position is the problem.

Jones was appointed in hopes his radicalism would slip by the American people as he was appointed to a position of great power and influence, but unlike those filling other similar positions as authorized by our Constitution, Mr. Jones was spared the process of senate scrutiny and approval. This flies directly in the face of the checks and balances built into our Constitution.

Mr. Jones is not a deceiver; Mr. Obama is.  Notice also, when Mr. Jones’ candor shined the light on Mr. Obama and his radical agenda, Mr. Obama dropped his friend like a hot potato.

Mr. Obama invited us to judge him by those with whom he has chosen to surrounded himself. The deeper we look into that the more frightening this national nightmare becomes.