I am having a very difficult time understanding many of my “fellow Americans”.

I look around me and see the “American Way” quickly becoming something I am less than proud of.   I see that corruption in our federal government has risen to extreme levels that I never thought possible.

Radicals, socialists, communists, crooks, thugs and automatons pervade the highest levels of our government.

I see a huge power shift from the people to our corrupt government.

I see Black Panther bullies given a pass for outlandish intimidation of voters at a polling place.  By the way, my concern has NOTHING to do with race, it has only to do with America and our law.  I wonder how Mr. Holder would have handled guys in white sheets intimidating black voters in Mississippi?  (I would hope he would stow them under the jail as he should have done with the Panthers. Now I have insulted both the panthers and the clan.)

I see a health care law enacted that creates many more problems than it solves and a US Army unit training in Georgia to handle “domestic unrest” with in our own borders.

I see terrorists being called ill instead of hateful and Americans who cherish traditional American values being ridiculed and mocked.

I see presidential promises broken with a wink instead of an apology (and America winks back).

Speaking of apologies, I see POTUS apologizing to the world for everything that is good in America.

I see our government trashing our relationships with our closest allies and sucking up to those who hate us.

I see our economy being trashed and our children’s future being squandered.

I see what has been a worthless media, rising up and becoming a malignant force that seems to be bent on our destruction.

And our congress! when did it become the enemy of America?

I feel like Rip Van Winkle!

It seems that bad has become the new good and good has become outdated, uncool, and stupid. (Props to Isaiah the Hebrew prophet for warning us this would happen)

The point is, I see these things and think: Germany, circa 1936, Argentina, circa 1955 (or North Korea, circa today).  Whereas, millions of my fellow citizens, see a great new hero who is leading America to its glorious destiny.

And, when I try to talk to one of these citizens who refer to themselves by the euphemism “progressives”,  I begin to see how much trouble we are really in.  Trying to talk to these “progressives” about our founders and the constitution or freedom and its price, is worse than trying to talk to a fence post.  At least the fence post can generally be counted upon to be free from body odor and refrain from spitting on you or clubbing you to death with nonsensical sound bites and mantras.

It is more like trying to teach a pig to fly.  It is a complete waste of time and it annoys the pig.

In reading this, you may conclude that I hate Mr. Obama, but that is not the case.  I hate what he is doing to the America i grew up in.  The one that was created and preserved by the blood and sacrifice of my ancestors.  The one that I have served and struggled to pass on to my posterity.

But I do not hate Barack Obama.

I believe he is simply being himself and doing what he sincerely thinks is best for himself and those he cares about.  There are no surprises with Mr. Obama.  He is exactly what he seemed to be before he was elected and he is behaving exactly as he told us he would (for example: why should he prove he is ineligible for this great job when he can get a pass and keep feeding at the trough?).

When he reminded Republican law-makers that “Elections have consequences” shortly after his inauguration, he was simply setting the tone for his presidency.  He brought his friends and associates with him to Washington just as Jimmy Carter (the last president whose stupidity we almost didn’t survive) did.  It just so happens that rather than being a bunch of “crackers” (and I mean that in the kindest possible way.  Some of my best friends are from Georgia) Obama’s cronies are a bunch of thugs, crooks and radicals (ooops, now I have insulted Chicago).

I don’t hate Barak, I just want the USA to survive him and get back on track.

And I should say this:

Our country has been off track since long before Mr. Obama bounded onto our stage.  In fact, we have been the proverbial “frogs in a pot” for decades.

We have been steadily pursuing a slide down the slippery slope we started in 1962 when prayer was first banned in schools.  This slide was certainly accelerated in the decade beginning in 1965 during which we sacrificed 50,000 American lives in a futile war in Vietnam for which we had no clearly defined objective and no commitment to “win” (whatever that meant to the politicians), then again in 1973 when Roe v. Wade paved the way for the legal slaughter of over 50,000,000 unborn babies so far.

I thought the slide was over when Ronald Reagan was Elected in 1980.  Unfortunately, that merely just a pleasant delay, but it made me feel optimistic about our country again after the Carter fiasco…er… administration.

When you think about it, If the Obama regime serves as a wake up call to a sleeping American populace (who have been enjoying the warming water in the pot for at least five decades) before we actually boil to death, Mr. Obama could be the best thing that has happened to America in fifty years!

U.S. As Miss Congeniality?

by Ray on July 26, 2009 · 1 comment

in Media

Step aside, Sandra Bullock! Barack is coming atcha!

In what is likely to become regarded as President Obama’s crowning glory, the world press (including our own MSM) has widely reported that a recently released Pew Research Poll shows that the “World” loves us much more with Obama as President than it ever did before.

Woo-hoo!!! Let’s all run out and buy something Chinese to show the world our appreciation! Here are some sample headlines:

San Francisco Chronicle: “Poll: U.S. image abroad surges under Obama”
Dallas Morning News: “World opinion of U.S. improves since Obama’s election”
USA Today: “Obama’s ‘rock star’ persona boosts U.S.”

No shock there! What’s not to like about the America of Barack Obama’s dreams? With the exception of the Brits and the Israelis, we could expect most of the “world” to rub their collective hands together with glee and break into a rousing rendition of “It’s A Wonderful World” at our demise. France would gladly exhume and return the bodies of all Americans who died saving French derrières if, in so doing, they could be relieved of any future perceived obligation to say or even think anything nice about us. In spite of (and maybe even because of) our billions spent on foreign and humanitarian aid to the rest of the world, we are still much despised.

But you know all that already! It doesn’t surprise you in the least that what our “rock star” president has brought us (in addition to near double-digit unemployment; unprecedented assaults on our Constitution; record-setting debt and deficits; and a clear path to socialism–illuminated by the fires of Healthcare Hell) is a warm and fuzzy feeling from the rest of the world.

What you might not know and what might just surprise you, however, is that according to that same Pew Research Poll, the Muslim world now has more confidence in Barack Obama than they do in Osama Bin Laden. Interesting.

That, of course, begs the question: confidence that our president will do what? What was it they previously had confidence in Bin Laden to do? Do they view Barry and Bin as sharing the same goals and aspirations, but put Barry a step or two ahead of Bin along his career path?

For my part, though I hate to disrupt the pageantry of the moment, I wouldn’t trade one ounce of my children’s birthright and future as Americans for all the pounds of “world praise” that either BO or BL could heap on my plate.